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    Home Aksa Living furniture. Furniture manufacture, trader and wholesaler located on Jl Raya Tahunan Km 3 Kauman no 10 C, Jepara, Central Java-Indonesia. Manufacture of wooden, Metal, and Rattan Furniture, Indoor and Outdoor. Aksa Living Furniture is an expansion and development of the furniture business of the Kharisma Jati Group. One of the most trusted furniture manufacturers in the world. Because we are manufacture and sell indoor furniture products with high quality, high durability, and luxurious performance with high comfort.

    AKSA LIVING FURNITURE, Furniture Manufacturer and Wholesaler. Luxury and convenience of furniture design and production are the main points of the furniture products that we offer. Therefore, production only uses the best quality raw materials. The production process is carried out by experienced experts. So that only high quality and durable products are offered to our customers. Luxury and beauty that will always make your home, hotel, office more comfortable.


    Wooden, Metal and Rattan Furniture made for luxury, indoor and outdoor. Processed according to the standard of furniture workmanship in order to create a masterpiece. Which will always be the center of attention and make it always comfortable when in use. It is not an easy thing to achieve a product with high quality and durability. Requires thought, supervision and work that is really organized. So that product quality can be achieved within the appropriate production time.
    We have a production unit that processes wood, iron and rattan raw materials into furniture products, as well as working closely with vendors providing materials and services that are strictly selected. adjust the quality standards that we have set, to help the production process. Therefore we are very ready to work on furniture production in bulk, or work on orders with special designs. Special design for hotels, offices, hospitals or housing.


    In an effort to participate in economic empowerment in the local scope. Aksa Living Furniture employs employees who live nearby. However, it still applies the qualification standards for the skills and professionalism of the workforce being employed. Aksa living is in the form of making a real contribution to increasing income so as to increase welfare and reduce crime rates. Caused by economic pressure.
    Environmental conservation efforts are also actively carried out by Aksa Living Furniture. we always contribute to reforestation and tree planting efforts. In order to preserve the environment. by setting aside a portion of our income to be contributed to tree planting and tropical forest conservation efforts.