indonesian furniture

Indonesian Furniture. Indonesia is one of big country in the world. With this size Indonesia have some culture. Indonesia also has some traditional products such as furniture, craft, home textile, and some others.
Furniture in Indonesia have some type and style. Some of its have an unique model. We can found it in all place in this country.


Indonesian furniture have many industres of furniture manufacture. We can found it in some city such as Jepara (Central Java), Surakarta (Central Java), and Cirebon (West Java). In this furniture manufacture we can choose all we need for home furnishing. We can choose from display stock of manufacture or make a new product with custom request from us.

Some furniture style in Indonesia are classic furniture, minimalist furniture, luxury furniture, and other. Indonesia also have some material to develop a furniture product. They are teak wood, mahogany wood, mindi wood, mango wood, sono keling wood, merbau wood, trembesi wood, rattan, iron, stainless steel. fabric, leather, and another.


Indonesian Furniture. Aksa Living Furniture is one of Indonesian furniture manufacture which has a factory and great team to handle customers. Aksa Living has some method for promote the products. The promote method are website on , instagram on , and facebook Aksa Living Furniture. Aksa Living also have a corporate furniture manufacture that can be found at

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